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In sermones on abril 26, 2012 by cesaito27

The Evangelical Tradition (cont’d.)

743. The whole of life
We [evangelicals] have tended to have a good doctrine of
redemption, and a bad doctrine of creation. Of course we
have paid lip-service to the truth that God is the Creator
of all things, but we seem to have been blind to its
implications. Our God has been too ‘religious’, as if his
main interests were worship services and prayer meetings
attended by church members. Don’t misunderstand me: God
*does* take a delight in the prayers and praises of his
people. But now we begin to see him also (as the Bible has
always portrayed him) as the Creator, who is concerned for
the secular world as well as the church, who loves all men
and not Christians only, and who is interested in the whole
of life and not merely in religion.



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